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Since 1979

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Started off as a small-scale industry with significant implications such as careful choosing of high-quality raw materials with a small manufacturing plant for plywood.


While expanding our business, we chose to include various products in our selling range that are related to this discipline.


Expanded our roots throughout Gujarat, by reaching our clients in almost every city.


Started our expansion in various cities of India. By 2020, we became one of the leading manufacturers and traders in plywood and other products.

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We are one of the leading plywood manufacturers in India for the last 50 years. Over the years, our extensive knowledge has helped multiple companies and entities by delivering high-quality products with utmost care. We aim at maximizing the quality of our products with extra efforts taken while processing the raw material. Along with this, extra care taken during the quality control program has maximized the satisfaction of our customers. Our advancement in machinery and equipment help us broadenour pace while delivering superior quality products.
Each individual working at the firm undergoes a careful process, for them to clearly understand the clients, their needs and specifications, and provide them with excellent solutions. Our delivery partners provide us with logistics that ensure on time and hassle-free delivery.

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Plywood is a processed product that contains piles of wooden veneers obtained by sharpening logs of wood. These veneers are glued together by placing them at an angle of 90 degrees alternately and finally finishing the product by gluing high-quality face veneers.

Here, at Jaypee Plywood, we examine the quality of each and every log of wood in order to extract the best quality veneers thereby creating the finest quality of finished plywood.

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MDF or medium density fiberboard is a wooden board made by breaking down hardwood or soft wood into small wooden fibers. These fibers are then mounded into a sheet and pressed with high pressure, giving the product maximum strength.

We are one of the prime suppliers and exporters of MDF in India. Our high-grade MDF sheets provide cost effective solutions to the clients and offer great durability.

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Flush Door

Here, we make sure that the craftsmanship is dense enough for the door to resist any heavy impact on it. Our doors go through heavy impact tests to ensure that superior quality products are made. These doors are precisely crafted to turn them into sturdy entrances for your homes and offices.

These are the most commonly used doors in our day-to-day life. They are made of a solid wooden frame with strips placed in between. These strips are placed edge to edge to minimize the space between them . They are then bonded with high-quality resin and treated in a hot press. The door is then finished with high quality veneers on both sides for a smoother surface.

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Veneers are thin slices of wood peeled from wooden logs, with a thickness of 3mm or less. It is basically a coating or finishing material, applied over plywood, MDF, particle board, or any other raw material.

We manufacture high quality veneers that are peeled from the most superior quality logs. These veneers look elegant and pleasing when applied over various materials. Each veneer is carefully examined for the perfect wooden texture and feel. As trends we try to explore new designs every once in a while. It gives us great pleasure to provide you with so many options to choose fr.

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